STORM keeps both access and error logs for each site. These are stored by the webserver that has served the request, either Apache or NGINX. Each log file is prefixed with the name of the web server and whether it is an access or error log.

These logs are refreshed each day and kept for 14 days. Any log files beyond this are deleted to save disk space.

The logs are kept in /home/storm/logs/WEBSITENAME. As each website has its own directory.

You can also access the current live logs through Storm as well.

From the STORM dashboard click on Websites

On this page you will see a list of Websites that you currently have set up on your Nimbus server. Click the cog icon next to your website to manage your website.

On the left hand menu bar you should see the option to click on Logs

Once you've clicked on Logs you should be able to see 3 Logs, the Apache Error Log, Nginx Error Log and the Nginx Access Log. If you're looking for the PHP error output from your site you will want the Apache Error log. Click the Download link next to the log file to save a copy to your local machine, you can open the resulting file in Notepad but we would recommend Notepad++ ( for readability.