First we need to whitelist the Deploy HQ IP addresses, to check the IP addresses listed in this article are up to date, please check here.

  1. First you need to log into STORM.

  2. Once logged into STORM, you will be taken to the STORM dashboard.

  3. From the STORM dashboard click on Security.

  4. Click the Add Record button from within the Whitelist Records section.

  5. Add the following IPv4 range to the Whitelist Records:

  6. Add the following IPv6 range to the Whitelist Records: 2a00:67a0:a:1::/64

Next we simply add the server to Deploy HQ under the SSH/SFTP Protocol.

    • Now log into

    • Navigate to your project.

    • Click Add Server.

    • Enter the name of the server.

    • Select SSH/SFTP under Protocol.

    • Enter your SSH details (Hostname, Username, Password) you can find these details under the SSH section of your website on STORM.

    • Select the rest of the options you want for your deployment and configuration.