If you'd like to transfer your .co.uk, org.uk, .ltd.uk, .me.uk or .uk domain to Nimbus, it is a relatively simple process. 

1 - In your client area at https://youraccount.nimbushosting.co.uk, go to Domains -> Transfers Domain To Us. Input your .uk domain and complete the checkout process - note that for most there is no charge from Nimbus to transfer the domain, it's just how our systems know who to assign the domain to when it comes in. 

2 - At your existing registrar, request that they update the domains IPS Tag to: NIMHOST. This will essentially push the domain over to us, and is relatively instant. 

Note 1: Some registrars will disable any DNS zones once the domain IPS Tag is changed, so we strongly recommend moving the domain over to using our nameservers before you initiate the Tag change. Please see this guide on how to do add the domain to our nameservers, and this second guide on how to edit the DNS records

Note 2: The body that look after the .uk namespace are superb - an organisation called Nominet. If you get any issues with your existing registrar or changing the Tag, if you're the registered domain owner, you can chat to their support team on t: +44(0)1865 332211 or nominet@nominet.org.uk