If you'd like to transfer your .co.uk, org.uk, .ltd.uk, .me.uk or .uk domain away from Nimbus, it is a relatively simple process. 

1 - In your client area at https://youraccount.nimbushosting.co.uk, go to Domains -> My Domains to see the list of domains you currently have registered with us - check it is in your account. 

2 - Open a support ticket with us via your client area, or by dropping us an email to support@nimbushosting.co.uk  detailing the domain you'd like to transfer, and the IPS Tag of the registrar you'd like to transfer it to (they will need to give you this). Please note that the request will need to come from the lead or one of the contacts on your account with us. 

3 - As soon as we confirm the IPS Tag change, your domain will be with the new registrar (though they may need some time to set things up their end). 

Note 1: Whilst we dont delete DNS Zones when a domain is transferred out, you might want to move the domain over to the new registrars Nameservers - they should be able to assist you with this. Once setup, you can change the domains nameservers just go to Domains -> My Domains -> (Domain) -> Manage -> Nameservers.

Note 2: The body that look after the .uk namespace are superb - an organisation called Nominet. If you get any issues, and you're the registered domain owner, you can chat to their support team on t: +44(0)1865 332211 or nominet@nominet.org.uk